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Hicham Gardaf was born in 1989 in Tangier, Morocco. Inspired by numerous photography books, that he came across during his job as a bookseller at Les Insolites, he set his first steps in photography by taking images in his neighbourhood in order to portray his surrounding and its inhabitants; following the explorations of the documentary genre such as Stephen Shore or Joel Steinfeld to name only few. Gaining experience in the Atelier of Alfredo Caliz in Tangier only reassured him that it is the photographic image that he wants to pursue professionally in his life.

He is comfortable in either: colour, and black and white image making; however he always stays true to a film negative. He believes that each image has its photographic colour of expression, which differs, depending on the artist’s intention and the mood of the encounter. He opts for black and white for the mysteriousness and clearness that it adds to an image; and for colour for its ability to bring forth the realness and the factual of the particular event.

He has been nominated for the Foam Paul Huf Award in February 2013. Same year he participated in a group show of ten contemporary Moroccan photographers at the Museum of Marrakech for Photography and Visual Arts (where his work became a part of the museum’s permanent collection); followed by a solo exhibition titled Extimacy in the Gallery 127 in Marrakech.

His work was represented in the Fotofever in Paris and Brussels.He is included in the group exhibition Un Maroc Raconté Autrement at Espace Photographique de l’Hotel de Sauroy in Paris (part of the Paris Photomonth) with the project titled Modern Times, in which he is portraying the contemporary Moroccan society against the background of urban landscape and its recent development.